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Gazelle is my first book. It has been an interesting journey to start with just a dream of writing and to see that dream come to fruition. 

Gazelle Novel


ISBN-10: 1720755078
ISBN-13: 978-1720755074

Lungowe had always believed that the stranger she had met many years ago would someday scour the land in search of her. Now that the stranger has resurfaced the question is can she fight off the competition and stake her claim?

On his return from the diaspora Ntalasha finds that many things have changed in Zambia. Everything has moved on. The relationships, the politics, the people, everything. As he tries to grapple with the changes, his past keeps following him like a shadow. Through his journey and his new experiences he is forced to evaluate whether living in the diaspora was worth the sacrifice.

Gazelle is a story of chasing dreams, facing regrets and evaluating ones journey through life.


Get ready for my next book entitled NGOSHE

Ngoshe Novel upcoming
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